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"I teach NEW hair care tips and techniques to women with dry, lifeless or slow-growing SISTERLOCKS by using my PROVEN Beautiful Hair Products Moisturizing System, so that you can nourish and revitalize your locks for healthier and fuller hair. We offer Premium Moisturizing Steamer Bundles that includes EVERYTHING you need in order to accomplish this.

Beautiful Hair Products are natural and organic handmade hair care products made in small batches to ensure their freshness, and they are specially formulated for those who wear SISTERLOCKS and for those who were born with kinky curly wavy beautifully textured hair.

Our purpose is to encourage ethnic women and men to appreciate embrace and invest their time, money, and love into nurturing their naturally coily hair with only the best that Beautiful Hair Products offers."

~ Rene' Michelle Floyd, creator, owner, CEO - Beautiful Hair Products, LLC

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"I only wish I had found these products sooner! I have extremely thick curly hair that frizzes easily. This is the only product I've found that eliminates frizz and doesn't leave my hair greasy or leave any buildup on my scalp.

I have been recommending this product to many of my friends and to my hairdresser. Amazing product and a great price!" ~ Emma

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What People Are Saying About BHP...

"I have been using Beautiful Hair Products from the beginning. It's a wonderful product, and you get 3 different choices to pick from. My gray fine hair is healthier, softer, longer with increased volume and more manageable, and each product has a refreshing smell. I used to wear my hair pulled up with the products as well as used holding gel to keep it in place... that made my hair feel hard. But now I use the lavender castor oil, that softens my hair, so I no longer use the hair gel because it holds my hair in place, because of the thickness. I am now wearing my hair down in loose curls, that stays in place. I am very pleased. Beautiful Hair Products for my gray hair texture is the way for me to go. For healthier hair I highly recommend these products. It's made for all kinds of hair textures." ~ Barbara R.

  • Peppermint Tingling Scalp & Hair Collection

    Peppermint Tingling Scalp & Hair Luxurious Collection

    Our Peppermint collection is infused with pure peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is zesty and refreshing to the scalp and hair. The products in this collection lifts your senses and distressed hair. Tingly moisturizing and refreshing!

  • Argan Oil Luxurious Hair Care Collection

    Argan Oil Luxurious Hair Care Collection

    The Argan oil collection is soothing and effective in conditioning your hair follicles and other minor skin and scalp conditions. Its oil is rich in vitamin E and is awesomely hydrating to your scalp and hair. That’s why we add a generous amount in every bottle and jar!

  • Lavender Luxurious Hair Care Collection

    Lavender Luxurious Hair Care Collection

    The Lavender collection is lightly scented with the essence of lavender. This collection is now complete with Lavender Castor Oil (not pictured). The super conditioning whip creme is thick and rich; and with lanolin and jojoba in every jar, you can't go wrong when it comes to shine!

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Beautiful Hair Products is...

Providing educational information, recommended books, hair techniques, tutorials and natural solutions for healthy scalp & beautiful hair.

Here, at Beautiful Hair Products, we will always keep the integrity of our products the main focus.

We take time to hand-mix and hand-pour each and every bottle and jar of our high-quality first-class hair care products.

We produce Beautiful Hair Products in 'small batches' to ensure the freshest and purest natural and organic hair care products available for your SISTERLOCKS. Every product is hand-wrapped and packed and shipped from the U.S.
You are assured of receiving your products in a timely manner.

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